Even if you don't know the name Keith Haring, you definitely recognize his pop artwork and the "radiant baby" icon for which he is best known. His maze-like patterns and archetypal figures celebrate life and unity with an optimistic tone.

Haring's entrance into art was the New York Subway system, where he displayed his street art in the 1980s. Maintaining strong ties to graffiti culture throughout his entire career, Haring's bold, energetic, and colorful style went global, from the streets to the inside of galleries and on all kinds of merchandise. Haring often explored sexuality in his artwork and also used his art as a way to promote gay rights, AIDS awareness, and safe sex.

Today would have been Keith Haring's 56th birthday. He died at the young age of 31, leaving an amazingly strong legacy and a large body of work behind. We remember him today with 20 Artists to Check Out If You Like Keith Haring. Some of them, like Basquiat and LA II, knew and worked with Haring during his lifetime, while other more contemporary figures pay tribute to his artistic style and tradition. 

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