The students of Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design have created a pop-up shop for their art that has gone viral online, just as it was supposed to. The "Worth Pop Up" website features an announcement that 94 BA students would be selling a total of 940 limited edition objects between June 6 and June 8, each priced at £1,000,000. The catch is that every time the site is shared on social media, the prices will decrease. At the time of posting this, each item is priced at only £157,917, and we're sure it will be significantly lower by the time the pop-up opens next month.

Dazed spoke to one of Worth project leaders, Tatiana Aspinall, about the genius "experiment in viral sharing and self-propagation." Aspinall said that "It's a publicity stunt, sure, but there's a point to it. There is a limit on how low the price can go – I'm not going to tell you what it is, but if we manage to get enough sponsors then we'll give everything away for free...Worth means that everyone will be able to buy it and people can work together to dictate the price."

Aspinall also gave more information about the actual art component of the project, revealing that there is a range of interesting items, "from recipe books, to a printer that takes photos and 3D prints people's faces."

As both a comment on the value of art, and a legit art pop-up shop, #WorthPopUp is perfect, and we hope the artwork can live up to the hype created around the project.

[via Dazed Digital]