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Outkast's festival tour continued Sunday night on the Gulf Shore of Alabama at the 2014 Hangout Festival. Being the style icon that he is, André 3000 used the opportunity to make a statement and let attendees know size doesn't matter to him at all. Three stacks wore an all black jumpsuit with "big girls are beautiful to me" in white letters across the chest and a price tag attached to his pants. He also wore a white wig with matching white shades because, well, he's André 3000.  

Throughout their recent run on the road, Outkast has used the appearances to remind the world of their music and unique personal styles. Big Boi debuted his latest SSUR hat line at Coachella and Andre has channeled his inner ATLien in overalls, wigs, jumpsuits, and random price tags. The dynamic duo hits the Sasquatch Music Festival next weekend in George, WA.