It's finally time to store away all those heavy coats, thick sweaters, and giant-ass boots. But proper care is required if you don't want to dig deep into your closet and deal with a destroyed mess of a season's worth of gear. Before storing them away, make sure you clean all the dirt and salt off your boots and shoes. If you need to, stuff them with newspaper to both trap moisure and make sure they retain their form when piled away. Definitely dry-clean any sweaters and coats you hope to wear next winter, otherwise moths and other pests might be attracted to any lingering stains or odors. No one wants to pull out a Swiss-cheesed sweater when the temps start to dip. And make sure you box up as much as possible versus hanging; this way, the garment will retain its shape and the sleeves won't elongate, which is especially likely with heavy winter apparel. Don't worry if your closet space isn't ideal—there are plenty of life hacks to maximize space.