The Internet's favorite sour-faced feline, Grumpy Cat, was invited by the staff of Vogue to visit the magazine's hallowed halls for the cat's second birthday.

In what may be the grumpiest visit to Vogue ever recorded, Grumpy Cat, known to her owners as "Tardar Sauce," can be seen at the famous Vogue entrance, in front of a model mood board, within the magazine archives, and in the arms of creative director Grace Coddington.

How did these two titans coordinate this meet up?

"The Vogue team met Grumpy Cat in Austin at SXSW and Grumpy Cat made such an impression on them that we decided to invite her to Vogue in honor of her second birthday," stated Vogue.

While this may be the greatest instance of meme-meets-life, not everyone was amused. True to form, Grumpy Cat responded to the hoopla via Twitter:

"I went to Vogue once. It was awful."

[via Fashionista]