While many people recognize "Coachella" as the name of the annual, much-hyped music festival going down right now, few know that all of the tax revenue actually goes to the city of Indio, Calif. Those of the poor farming region in Coachella, however, remain forgotten and do not benefit from the music festival at all. Hoping to raise awareness and bring change to those in the community, local art duo the Date Farmers have launched a mural project, aptly entitled "Coachella Walls."

Participating artists include El Mac, Nunca, Saner, Andrew Hem, Liqen, Albert Reyes, Vyal Reyes, Sego, The Phamtom, Jim Darling, and more. Just days ago, a group exhibition opened at Date Farmers' Art Studio in the city's downtown Pueblo Viejo, pictured above, making it Coachella's first art gallery and artists' studio. Watch the video below to learn more about the "Coachella Walls" and the featured artists.

[via ArrestedMotion]

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