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Here on Complex Art+Design, we do our best to present a range of artists, especially when it comes to street art. Sometimes, the ones making the most noise are folks you've already heard of (*cough cough* like Banksy). The street artists we've chosen for 20 Street Artists You've Never Heard Of (But Should Definitely Know) range from emerging to established, but most of them operate off the radar.

Each are tied together by their commitment to craftsmanship in public spaces, whether they're doing work in their hometown or somewhere completely new to them. For writers Reverend and Nugz, this means carefully rendering each letter of their names. For wheatpasters like Willow and QRST, each brushstroke is an important, thoughtful gesture. Aesthetically, some focus on minimalistic representation, while others draw upon a prismatic range of colors. Together, these artists represent street art’s current visual dialogue.

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20 Street Artists You've Never Heard Of (But Should Definitely Know)