It's surprising how past giants of the start-up world could be so attentive to the details of their respective businesses, yet so indifferent when it came to their personal style. Perhaps it was their lack of interest in $1,600 Yeezys that allowed them to direct focus and capital towards changing the world. However, gone are the days of Mark Zuckerberg looking like a total jabroni. The newest generation of industry movers are taking fewer cues from Zuck and more from Sean Parker (sans the douche-bagery).

In its latest issue of The Journal, menswear extraordinaire MR PORTER has collaborated with Sean Sullivan of The Impossible Cool to profile the looks of the natives of Silicon Beach—now ground zero for start-ups. The latest sirs of social media and dons of development have successfully channeled their unique personalities into original style, providing a fitting (pun intended) sartorial front to their emerging empires.

Click through to follow in the foot-steps of the gentlemen behind Beats Music, Surf Air, and Garrett Leight Optics, and read about the stylish revolution taking place in Santa Monica.