If we didn't write about street art, graffiti, and photography, we would want to be out doing one or all of the above (or maybe we already and no better than to incriminate ourselves). While we're inside click clacking away at our keyboards, people like 2e are Clark-Kenting it (Superman reference) at their day jobs and planning new adventures to go on when the street lights come on. 

Aymann Ismael caught up with 2e for ANIMAL and tagged along as he biked his way around New York City, ducking into the old Domino Sugar Factory, the Greenpoint Terminal warehouse, and down into the "Underbelly Project" to take incredible photos of the most beautiful and sadly forbidden locations of the city. They make it clear that what 2e does is not like the "urban exploration" of groups like LTV Squad, and he isn't like Judith Supine climbing the Williamsburg Bridge or the kid that climbed the World Trade Center.

"He has no interest in that building, embarrassing National Security, or compiling bombastic conquests," ANIMAL writes. "2e is a connoisseur. He savors those places you never see. Sometimes, he won’t even bring equipment, but when he does, he captures beautiful photos of grungy places, skylines from the tops of bridges and long-exposures in the subway tunnels." Check out the video below of their late night trip around parts of Brooklyn:

To read the full article, click through to ANIMAL, and head to @gothamr on Instagram to see more of 2e's amazing photography.

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[via ANIMAL]