You may not agree with some of the things Pharrell has worn, but there's no denying that his style is all his own. In fact, the producer's stylist, Mariel Haenn (yes, he has a stylist), expressed just that when she sat down with recently. Haenn talked about what it was like working with him and how everything is a collaboration between them, what Pharrell thinks about the Vivienne Westwood jokes, his Lanvin short suit at the Oscars. Pure gems.

On whether or not Pharrell considers the Vivienne Westwood hat to be his signature:
"I think so. He’s gotten so much recognition. I’ve even seen a hat shaped like his cut out of a piece of toast with a red Comme des Garçons heart out of ketchup on Instagram. When you see any hat shaped like that, you automatically associate it with Pharrell, which I think is really smart."

On whether or not Pharrell was surprised about the jokes made about his Vivienne Westwood hat:
"Not at all. It was kind of expected. When something is different, there’s a lot to be said about it. But he doesn’t take any of it to heart. He’s comfortable with who he is, so it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. As far as creating an iconic stamp, I think it will be forever his thing. Now he’s doing different colors. We even cut a hole in his hat for the video and the hat he wore at Coachella as well. So he’s finding different ways of doing it."

On what the biggest challenge is when working with Pharrell:
"He’s so specific, wants to be different, and likes dressing down. So we have to find more interesting ways for him to dress casual and still have it be an iconic statement for a video or performance. Usually in videos, people go over the top more than they do in real life, but he just wants to look like himself—we want to make it video-worthy."

On Pharrell's Lanvin short suit at the Oscars:
"He has a really good relationship with Alber [Elbaz]. We didn’t have anything to do with that, but I think it was genius. Nobody would ever do that. The fact that he’s done it is kind of adorable."