Dawgs, were you considering buying a pair of shorts and then just skating thru Dick's Sporting Goods and picking up a pair of running tights to wear underneath them in some sort of lame attempt to become your circle of friends' strug J.R. Smith? YOUR TEAM AIN'T GONNA MAKE THE PLAYOFFS EITHER WITH THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR. Instead, cop these Giuliano Fujiwara shorts and tights because your cooler friend already bought the Public School jams. Giuliano Fujiwara is how everyone's name in the future is gonna sound. Standardized tests are gonna have to allow for, like, 140 characters just for our kids' names. Doesn't Giuliano Fujiwara seem like the kinda of guy that would be an incredibly handsome Formula 1 driver or some shit? Evidently, instead of slaying chicks on yachts docked off the shore in Monaco, Giuiliano Fujiwara just designs shorts with built in meggings that will make your dad's soul cry when you show up to family dinner looking like a male cheerleader.