Jaeger-LeCoultre is taking luxury watches to the next level. 

The Swiss watchmaker recently unveiled its latest model of the AMVOX2 Transponder, and similar to its last three versions, the watch opens car doors. Not just any car doors though; It opens Aston Martin luxury sports car doors.

The upgraded AMVOX2 Transponder comes in a 44mm titanium case and is equipped with 751E automatic movement that allows over 60 hours of reserved power and an Aston Martin logo that spins once every minute. A micro-transmitter built into the back is what allows the watch to open the Aston Martin doors and turn on its lights from afar. Previous models were only compatible with a select few cars, but the 2014 Transponder will open all of Aston Martin's latest vehicles. If you happen to have some extra change once you do get your new Aston Martin, consider copping this high-tech hybrid timepiece for $29,500. 

[via Forbes]