Global fashion powerhouse HUGO BOSS chose to debut its Spring/Summer 2014 HUGO collection in a striking desert-set photo series, shot on location in the California salt flats. Photographer Pierre Debusschere took a group of fearless models out to where shade and water are precious commodities, and showcased the colors and lines of the latest collections using a polarized mirror as his main prop.

HUGO features cutting edge design and adventurous colors. These dynamic looks emerge from contrasting tones and materials, and draw inspiration from everything from surrealism to classic rock and roll. One dominant theme in the collection is “life in transit,” and the line features pieces that pull from ancient nomadic traditions right up to the hustle of present day urban living. In the color palette, you’ll see the signature blue and black of the Tuareg, the nomadic people who have lived in North Africa for centuries. These tones, along with other colors that evoke the desert and the nomadic lifestyle, appear in pieces custom designed for the modern nomad.

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