Death Precision, Inc. just unveiled their latest collection, a capsule offering made exclusively for perennial swvg curators VFiles. The brand initially gained popularity as one of the core labels worn by Odd Future during its meteoric rise, but since has garnered its own following of streetwear fans tired of the same old fuckshit. The capsule is entitled “Death Sport” and is inspired by Polo Sport aka that cologne your mom bought you for 9 straight Christmases. As is the case with many subversive streetwear garments, the graphics flip the iconic logo by including “Death,” which obviously makes this shit rebellious and counter-culture, etc. The collection consists of two T-shirt styles done up in 4 basic colors and is for sale now, so get to it and wear it around your mom so this year she gets the message that you don't want to smell like a middle-aged man on a gambling boat.