Just as women are killing it in street art right now, female directors and actresses are shaking things up in the male-dominated world of film as well. It seems shocking to say that even in 2014, 95 percent of directors are men. Nevertheless, badass women like Geena Davis and Meryl Streep continue to do it big for all the ladies out there. Likewise, Dazed recently introduced Females First, an initiative aimed at promoting and funding films made by women.

Females First features a selection of works by an impressive roster of young female filmmakers, all hand selected by renowned auteurs such as Gillian Wearing, Jane Campion, Maja Borg, and more. The spotlighted films range from shorts and documentaries to music videos. Just days ago, Daze launched the series with the premiere of Cannes Film Festival award-winning Needle, by Anahita Ghazvinizadeh. You can watch Needle here. Be sure to continue checking Females First for more awesome works that combat the under representation of women in film.

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