Banksy broke headlines when he put up two new pieces in the UK this week, and like with everything Banksy, the story doesn't end there. For one of his two works, the street artist painted a Smartphone-centric stencil on a doorway in Bristol called Mobile Lovers, which has since been removed by the nearby Broad Plains Boys Club. In another plot twist, Banksy has allegedly been captured on camera. CCTV cameras, which were supposed to deter graffiti writers, may have filmed Banksy and a helper dressed as workmen while putting up Mobile Lovers. 

CCTV footage, which was recorded early Sunday morning, reveals two men emerging from a white van near where Mobile Lovers was located. It's unclear if one of the two men is actually Banksy, but it's easy to assume that he's holding stencil outlines. Like those afflicted with paranoia, we see Banksy everywhere.

While people are in a frenzy over the CCTV reel, many Banksy fans are also angered by the Broad Plains Boys Club, who are housing Mobile Lovers next to a donation box. The Club is in dire financial straights and believes that Banksy put up his work for their benefit. They plan to sell Mobile Lovers through Bonhams after getting it verified and will use the funds to save the Club. While it may be for a noble cause, the leader of the Club claims he has received death threats. Leave it to Banksy to make everyone act completely insane.

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