For the sixth installment of their Essential Artists limited-edition bottle series, 1800 Tequila chose to honor Jean-Michel Basquiat for his "unique style and rebellious technique" with bottles that feature six of his original paintings.

Basquiat joins artists Shepard Fairey and Gary Baseman as one of a select few to have been selected for the annual collaboration. A spokesperson for 1800 Tequila said in a press release, "We are excited to showcase the works of a celebrated artist who was unafraid to express his uniquely creative spirit so much so that we dedicated the entire collection to one artist for the first time... Basquiat was a visionary, and a nonconformist role model for strength in simplicity and shared the same core values as the world’s most singularly drinkable tequila, consistently refusing to fall victim to gratuitous trend." 

The six bottles will be available at select liquor stores this Spring, so keep your eyes open so that you can collect them all.

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