In today's retail horror story that will make you feel icky, a customer at Victoria's Secret tried on a bikini bottom, and then realized it was smeared in menstrual blood from a previous customer trying it on. 

In San Diego University Towne Center's Victoria's Secret location, this past Sunday, the customer was looking to purchase some swimwear for the upcoming season. All perfectly good and normal. And then this happened:

"[The bikini bottoms] all had the plasticky sanitary strips in them, which I could feel when I was pulling them on. Obviously I left my underwear on, but as I was pulling off a pair of bikini bottoms, I noticed dried blood in the crotch! Not even a small drop - a quarter-sized amount, plus smears, all around the "sanitary strip"! It was awful. Somehow that garment had been picked up from the fitting room, PUT BACK ON ITS HANGER, and re-racked where I grabbed it to try on."

The customer asked to speak to a manager, who gave her hand sanitizer and a 30% off coupon as an apology. No words. After calling customer service, the customer was effectively given the runaround, with the representative saying a number of the store's policies are confidential.

The customer ended her horror story with this: 

"I won't shop there again, and the fact that they take my business so for-granted that they offered me a 30% off coupon for my NEXT visit (I couldn't have even used it that day if I'd been willing to) is insulting."

The fact that a blood-covered garment of clothing went unnoticed and sat on store shelves for who knows how long is pretty inexcusable. As is the refusal for the store to adequately take responsibility for what is, hopefully, a rare meeting of retail and bodily fluid (though let's be honest, it can't be that rare).

[via Jezebel]