The live performance has always been a way for artists to connect with their fans, and the medium has grown to be an almost spiritual experience. Some artists stick to conventional concerts while others plan extravagant, mind-blowing shows. Innovation in art direction and a visionary mentality have been quintessential in the evolution of the live performance.

Those who continue to make strides in live performance establish themselves as more than just musicians. They toy with techniques, disguises, alter egos, lighting, story lines, and in some cases, all of the above. From groundbreaking performances that became the model for future shows to stages that are unlike anything that came before, musicians keep pushing the boundaries of what we expect when we buy a concert ticket.

Many musicians are taking the stage at SXSW this week to perform in front of crowds of music lovers, an event that is founded on the tradition of live performances. To celebrate this festival, we took a look back at The 10 Most Innovative Live Performances.

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