If we've learned anything from politics, it's that when you get caught screwing up, you have to issue a "sincere" apology. Target was recently called out for their shitty Photoshopping work on a photo of a model in a bikini which they say was a mistake, but some people are not buying it.

The photos show a teen model with a comical thigh gap and stick arms that are obviously not natural. The company apologized in an email to Buzzfeed and removed the photos from the site, calling the incident "and unfortunate error." Many are wondering why they were retouching the crotch and arms of a junior model in the first place, and are worried about the message it sends to teen girls. We get that argument, but should the age of the model matter that much? Should the take away be that Photoshopping is acceptable, but only when the model is of a certain age?

Either way, Target should have kept that apology to themselves. The public won't remember six weeks from now anyway and it'll be business as usual.

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[via PetaPixel]