Shepard Fairey has seen a lot of moving artwork in his life time. For him, however, nothing compares to the first time he heard the sound of stomping boots on the Sex Pistol's "Holidays in the Sun" or the air raid sirens leading into Public Enemy's It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back.

"Music is visceral but also has the additional powerful layers of the lyrics, with their content and politics," Shepard Fairey writes. Then, there's the album art. Together, powerful music and album covers can both provoke viewers and move the public into taking action. "An audience that’s looking for escape doesn’t expect a confrontation and a call to action, but I believe the best music, and the best art, can deliver both," explains the Los Angeles-based artist, who has been creating works inspired by 12-inch record covers since 2006. Shepard Fairey first exhibited his album cover artwork at Robert Berman Gallery in 2011, then at Stolen Space Gallery in 2012, and on April 16, the artist will open a third installment of new covers at his own Subliminal Projects.

"50 Shades of Black," will feature 50 Hand Painted Multiples and a box set including screen print editions of each of the 50 unique designs. Better yet, there will also be a record store installation inside Subliminal Projects. Turntables, which have been customized by Shepard Fairey, and the artist's own vinyl collection will be on display for viewers to flip through and play on provided record players. Those who attend the show on the opening night will also get to party it up with the artist's longtime friend, the legendary DJ Z-Trip, who did the soundtrack to Fairey's previous show at Stolen Space Gallery.

Set to open April 16, "50 Shades of Black" will be on view until May 17. Don't miss out on the music-filled show, especially since the admission to the opening night is free, though you'll have to RSVP.

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