We're always telling you that you need to step your art print game up, but this time we really mean it. This artist you may have heard of named Shepard Fairey is releasing a print tomorrow (April 1) of a musician who's name may also sound familiar, Bob Marley. Known music buff and accomplished artist, Fairey created the print for Dennis Morris' "Bob Marley: GIANT" exhibition at Known Gallery and will release between 9am and 10am PST in the ObeyGiant.com store.

The drop announcement was accompanied by a quote from the 20th anniversary edition of Fairey's book, OBEY: Supply and Demand, which reads: "I bought Bob Marley’s Rastaman Vibrations shortly after I started skateboarding in 1984, purely because the only good skateboard ramp where I lived was called “The Rasta Ramp.”  I had mostly been listening to punk rock, but I was excited to discover reggae, which even more boldly embodied many of the same elements of social protest as punk but in a way that was much more palatable to my parents.  I think my parents bought me Bob Marley and the Wailers records for every Christmas or birthday until I had accumulated their entire catalog; my very conservative grandmother even bought me a Bob Marley shirt from Jamaica.  I leaned more towards punk, but some punk bands, most notably Bad Brains, embraced both punk and reggae.  Bob Marley’s music always cheered me up during my high-school years of personal struggle.  I’m always inspired by how steadfast and positive Bob was.” 

There are only 450 prints available so you will probably need to click fast and have your financials in order. For more info, head to Fairey's blog.

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[via StreetArtNews]