On any given day, people are fed hundreds of headlines that spin news into stories of sexuality, politics, power, and death. Mass produced images are everywhere, so much that even political figures like the U.S. president are considered pop icons. This strange phenomenon of self-constructed pop themes interjecting with our world is precisely what artist Richard Phillips attempts to point out and perhaps even critique in "Negation of the Universe," his first solo U.S. museum exhibition at Dallas Contemporary. The show is set to open April 11 and will feature Phillips' paintings, sculptures, and films from the past two decades. 

Phillips' works present famous celebrities and tabloid stars as subjects in his paintings; this is his way of challenging pop values, common notions about art, and traditional painting techniques. Expect to see a range of faces, from people like George W. Bush to Lindsay Lohan, in Phillips' upcoming exhibition. Additionally, the artist will also install his controversial Playboy Marfa sculpture outside of the Dallas museum, too.

"Negation of the Universe" opens April 11 and will be on view until Aug. 10, 2014.

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