At SCOPE 2014, Reverol & Co. Contemporary Art presented works by Patrick Bancel that reflect the artist's interest in paying attention to and saving the environment. Bancel's "Billboards Hacker Public Art Project" involves a series of paintings and mixed media works that depict busy urban environments that have been infiltrated by billboards that feature messages about climate change and global warming instead of advertisements about new sweaters or Hollywood blockbusters. The billboards also feature skyscapes that remind the viewer of the "instant serenity" of looking up and to show them what we are at risk of losing.

The gallery reports that the next step in Bancel's project will be to share his message on a real billboard in New York. In an artist statement, he writes, "Today, when everybody should behave responsibly regarding climate change, I hope my work will be a link between the warning of professionals or scientists, and our sky on top of our head. I wish that more than seeing what the issue have already done to the poles, we will all remember, just by seeing our sky, the same sky going all the way, that all of us can do something about this sky and the climate change. It is an everyday/everybody job, and we have to do it. Then perhaps, we will leave a nice planet to our kids." 

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