London-based design firm Orporject unveiled “Vana,” a hanging installation featuring illuminated paper trees at a gallery in New Delhi for India Design Forum last year. The paper trunks are placed in a staggered position so they can support a continuous canopy, which creates the sensation of journeying deep into the forest. To make the trees as lifelike as possible, the design crew wrote algorithms that mimic natural tree growth patterns. As leaves grow and expand, the veins underneath them must grow as well, so they can continue to supply the leaf with essential nutrients. Similar patterns support branch growth. As the trees get bigger, they need to expand outward so that each leaf will be able to receive sunlight. The algorithms were used to generate triangle cut-outs that were stitched together against LED backlights. When the lights are illuminated, brightness exudes through the stitching, creating a peaceful, twinkling atmosphere.

The structure is currently on display at The Brick House in New Delhi.

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[via Dezeen]