Rob Hansen and Garrick Dartnell, two British film buffs and aspiring graphic artists, have designed a thoroughly innovative and artistically technical take on movie posters. By pulling an essential or fundamental hue from each frame of a film and uniting them onto one canvas, the duo creates emotive imagery that captures each movie in basic color strips.

Some posters, like the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, feature a wide palette, effectively capturing the plot’s emotional roller coaster ride in vibrant shades. Other films, like Pulp Fiction, don’t boast as much variety, but the inky blacks, subtle grays, and bloody reds do justice to the iconic flick.

Hansen and Dartnell's joint venture MovieDNA is looking for support on Kickstarter. To mobilize the growth of a fan base, the duo is currently accepting suggestions for new posters. They expect any film request will be able to be accommodated by their 2,000 DVD library, but they have stated that they will purchase a movie to create a sequence for serious customers.

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[via Co.Design]