Japanese artist Motoi Yamamoto made a splash in Germany with Floating Garden, a 100-square-meter floor installation constructed entirely from table salt. For a follow-up act, Yamamoto chose, aptly, to take his talents to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Using the ground floors of Westminster College and Weber State University as canvases, the artist created intricate salt webs in perplexing circular formations. The artist says he has no established motifs, but instead seeks to render “shapes and forms that can be found in nature such as typhoons, whirling tides, and galaxies” in his complex pieces.

Crafting the pieces requires incredible discipline and patience. Clutching a bottle of salt in one hand, Yamamoto crouches down to set in place the salt grains for one tiny section of the work at a time. The installation at Weber State University depicts a swirling typhoon, while the piece at Westminster College features an elaborate maze.

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[via Designboom]