While in Germany for a retrospective exhibition at Museum Frieder Burda, French artist JR took some time to engage with the people of Baden-Baden as a part of his UNFRAMED project. Using vintage photos from the residents, JR created huge prints and installed them on various structures around the town. The photos vary from snapshots of children, to military photos, to shots of families participating in recreational activities.

On his website, the artist explains that, "UNFRAMED BADEN-BADEN addresses German-French history and the friendship between the two countries. By putting up posters featuring historical photographs from people’s private photo albums in Baden-Baden’s historic city, JR places the theme in a new context... The city has always been a link between Germany and France where, after decades of enmity, the reluctant rapprochement between the two countries is palpable."

JR's retrospective runs through June 29 at the museum. Check their exhibition page for more info.

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