In February, members of G.U.L.F. (Gulf Ultra Luxury Faction) went inside the Guggenheim Museum to protest unfair labor conditions at the construction site of the forthcoming Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. Lasting for around 20 minutes, the group chanted and left their manifesto on the wall of the museum.

Four days ago, they projected the messages "Art is not a luxury" and "1% Museum" on the exterior of the museum, continuing their fight against the horrendous living and working conditions being given to those constructing the new museum.

Minutes ago, journalist Zoe Schlanger shared this image of protesters dropping items into the center of the rotunda. It appears that G.U.L.F. won't let up until their message is heard and heeded. As NYU Sociology professor Andrew Ross says, "Artists should not be asked to exhibit in museums that have been built on the back of abused workers…that’s what it boils down to."

Another journalist shared this image on Twitter, saying he got kicked out for trying to interview patrons about experiencing the protest. 

At least 6 NYPD officers escorted me out Guggenheim for asking patrons questions, told me I couldnt take their photo

— Christopher Robbins (@ChristRobbins) March 29, 2014

We'll update with more developments as we learn of them.