Cyrcle has been unstoppable these last few weeks. After completing an elaborate mural at POW! WOW! Hawaii in February, the Los Angeles-based art collective has made its way to London. In conjunction with the artists' latest "OVERTHRONE: Pooring Reign" exhibition at StolenSpace Gallery, which we'll recap later this weekend, Cyrcle recently finished another piece in Shoreditch on Leonard Street.

The mural, which Cyrcle calls All Idols have Clay Feat!, features the same ancient Greek imagery from the artists' POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014 piece. It portrays Greek statues, painstakingly done in orange and black dots. The black fabric that covers the sculptures have also been rendered with hyper realistic folds. It also makes for a great way to celebrate the artists' first exhibition in the UK. As you await our recap of the event, check out these shots of Cyrcle's latest mural.

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