Dazed Digital reports that the Global Guggenheim website that asks the question "What would an ethical global museum look like?" is a platform set up by the same organization that has been staging protests within the museum's walls.

G.U.L.F (Gulf Ultra Luxury Faction) continues to speak out against what they say are unfair labor conditions at the Guggenheim Abu Dhabi construction site. The website, globalguggenheim.com, was made to resemble the official museum website but instead of a link to "Plan Your Visit," the site reads "Rethink Your Visit" and is hyperlinked to occupymuseums.org. Exhibit pages and other headlines are otherwise identical and include real information, which can be confusing for unsuspecting museum goers. The site also features information about the #futureguggenheim design competition, a call for submissions for a more sustainable museum. Well played G.U.L.F, well played.

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[via Dazed Digital]