Stephan Schneider calls this thing a "portable shirt-jacket." Wait, what shirt, jacket and/or shacket isn't portable? Stephan, hit me up on the Four Pins hotline, I got some semantics to talk to you about, bruh. But more importantly, hit me up so I can tell you what size I need in this joint. Why do I like this shirt jacket more than others? WELL, LET ME TELL YOU. Pockets on the motherfucking side seams. Side seam pockets are, personally, my favorite pocket genre. They leave the overall silhouette nice and clean and minimal, but you can still keep some mints on your person. Breath mints are pocket essentials. The best perk at working in the Complex offices? AS MANY BREATH MINTS AS YOUR ARMS CAN CARRY. I was steady dipping into the mint jar every time I walked by the reception area, which was a lot because Woolf and Schlossman didn't show me around or introduce me to anyone because they are dicks. I was just some random guy that the sales department saw using a credit card to buy a can of pop from the vending machine.