A Story of Stubbornness from Filson on Vimeo.

More than a decade ago, Clinton C. Filson swore up and down that his company wouldn't ever compromise on quality and start churning out second-rate product. It's clear that stance hasn't shifted much since the ex-railroad conductor opened the logger's outfitting store that would become Filson.

The outdoor goods brand recently released its new lineup for spring: the Multipad Case, Duffle Backpack and 72-Hour Briefcase. Each bag comes in a range of tan, taupe, camo and black colorways, with fine leather detailing and brass buttons throughout. The Duffle Backpack comes with an attachable rain-resistant hood, while the Multipad is equipped with a strap on the back. All three pieces from the collection come with the Seattle-based company's hard-nosed commitment to the craft; an ethos clearly illustrated in "A Story of Stubbornness," above.

Watch the video, then shop the line here.

[via Filson]