Back in November, Melbourne-based street artist Rone left behind a massive mural in Berlin on his largest wall to date. Shortly afterwards, he painted a couple of his signature portraits of beautiful, decaying women in Wynwood for Art Basel Miami Beach. With all these undertakings happening at the end of 2013, we knew it was only a matter of time before Rone would open a show this year.

Next Friday, Rone will take over StolenSpace Gallery with "Wallflower," his first ever UK solo exhibition, with his stylized images of glamorous women. His paintings depict contemplative women surrounded by flowers. The women's faces and bodies have been layered with different textures to create the look of decaying flesh. In fact, all of his pieces have been done on deteriorating wooden shipping crates. Beautiful yet haunting, his paintings remind viewers that some things in life like beauty are fleeting.

"Wallflower" opens April 11 and will be on view until May 4. 

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