It has been a while since the London 2012 Summer Olympics wrapped, but the city had a lot of work to do before it could be back to life as usual. It is now Winter (still) of 2014 and renovations were finally completed on Zaha Hadid's London Aquatics Center, the site of various swimming, diving, and synchronized swimming events.

The structure saw a major reduction in seating capacity, from 17,500 seats down to 2,500, and the swimming areas and other facilities were made larger to accommodate community visitors. The renovations were made as a part of the pre-Olympic plans because they knew that a lot of the space would be unnecessary. The facility officially opens on March 1, and there are also diving and swimming championships scheduled to take place within the structure in the near future that will benefit from the changes made. For more photos of the new space, head to DesignBoom.

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[via DesignBoom]