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With the exception of Kanye West's epic Tweets, cat photos, and viral memes, most of what gets posted on social media is lost in the cybersphere moments after being posted. Christian Marc Schmidt and Liangjie Xia of design studio Schema, however, have immortalized our Instagram photos and Tweets in their project Invisible Cities. Schema recently released version 1.0 of the project, available for download on Airspace. The 3D interactive platform is brilliant because it envisions the social network people spend so much time on as a miniature city.

"Invisible Cities" borrows geo-tagged, real time content from sites like Twitter and Instagram to use as building blocks in their virtual city. Tweets and Instagram photos are displayed as single points that manifest whenever someone publishes something to social media. Clicking on the points will show the individual photo or Tweet posted.

Check out another version of Invisible Cities that Schema designed for the motion-sensing device Leap Motion Controller:

[via PSFK]

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