Going to Canal Street is an adventure. It’s a place where you can test your negotiation skills on some of the fakest items on the planet. Hidden among these shops is Shipley & Halmos’ brand new concept pop-up shop. It’s made to look like the rest of the stores on the block, and even has postcards, shot glasses, key chains, and coffee mugs similar to those you'd find on the block, but with Shipley & Halmos' own touch. But you won’t have to worry about the owners locking you in the store when the cops roll around because every product available is real.

In addition to the souvenir-like products, there will be a range of clothes, printed materials, and hand made objects. Exclusive to the shop will be a Billy Kirk x Shipley & Halmos iPhone case, DS & Durga Fragrance, and hand painted Vans sneakers. All are of much better quality than the bootlegs you will find on the street.

The shop is open now through Feb. 23 on 385 Canal St. between Thompson and West Broadway. Take a good look at the storefront above, and try not to get lost when heading there.