"Ion't give a motherfuckin' fuck/Mud on my shoes, steppin on hundred thousand dollar fuckin' rugs." - Young Thug

You probably have heard of Mikael Kennedy through his work. The talented photographer has shot for everyone from Rogues Gallery, to J. Crew, to Billy Reid. Using vintage Polaroid gear, Kennedy has helped define an aesthetic that you helped ruin with various shitty Instagram filters. But we're not here to talk about his photography. We're here to talk about rugs, man. Because having a job cooler than yours wasn't enough, Kennedy has added "International Rug Dealer" to his resume, which is one letter away from the coolest job in the world. Instead of pushing that Peruvian off the curb like he was shoveling snow, he's pushing antique Persian. Check out his site to see some of the dope ass rugs he's got available. How do you buy a rug from him? You join his email list (studio@mikaelkennedy.com), and then you save up some ducketts because nice rugs cost a lot of money. Why should you buy a nice rug? If that shit isn't obvious by now you probably should consider hitting CTRL+ALT+DLT your entire existence.