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To say something strange happened on the subway in New York City is like saying that the sun came up. New Yorkers and frequent visitors know that the subway system is the place to go when you crave something out of the ordinary, and performance artist Bettina Behjat Banayan's latest project definitely applies.

Banayan took to the train with a bag of supplies and set up shop, frosting and decorating a cake while commuters around her looked on in confusion and delight. She explained that the cake was not for a special occasion, but instead that it was for everyone, and she offered up slices to those brave enough to take sweets from a lady with a spatula and frosting in the middle of a subway car. This is not Banayan's first train-specific performance. In the past, the artist has cut onions, read pornography, and stood as urban camouflage against a subway sign. So it's fair to say that the "Subway Cake Performance" is her most pleasant performance to date as far as the audience is concerned. 

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