Jay Z's not the only chart-topper with a Basquiat on his walls. One Direction singer Harry Styles recently dropped £2.8 million pounds (that's $4 million USD) for an unnamed painting by the late Jean-Michel Basquiat. Apparently, the British pop star is a huge fan of art and has been taking pointers from Jay Z himself, sources say. 

"Harry's a big fan of art and sees it as a good way to make money. Rather than splurge, he thinks it's a smart investment," one source told the Daily Star Sunday newspaper. "Harry's really smart when it comes to money. He wants to invest his cash, and Jay Z advised him to buy art."

Before acquiring the Basquiat painting, Styles had already amassed a $250,000 art collection, including a series of love-themed Hayden Kays prints and a controversial sculpture of a handgun. It's probably only a matter of time before Styles begins swooping in on Warhols and asking for Piccassos too.

[via IrishExaminer]

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