Mouthwatering home baked goods and art come together in Edible Masterpieces, ArtFund's unique initiative launched to help raise money for museums and galleries across the UK. The fund-raising project asks art enthusiasts with a knack for baking to recreate famous artwork as cakes, pies, short breads, and other confectionery treats. Those who aren't experts in the kitchen can also make their art-inspired recreations from ingredients like vegetables, fruit, cheese, and, well, essentially anything edible. The artwork in question can range from Old Master paintings to modern works by Jackson Pollock and contemporary sculptures by Damien Hirst.

"We’re hoping to inspire people, through the medium of food, to raise money for our national museums and galleries," Katherine Richards, who coordinated the bake-off explained to Design Boom. "What could be more fun than recreating your favorite work of art out of simple ingredients you have in your fridge, which you can then eat!"

While Piet Mondrian and sponge cakes might sound like an unlikely combination, the finished product looks good enough to eat.

[via DesignBoom]

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