Before he made his way down to Honolulu for POW! WOW! Hawaii 2014, Australian artist Meggs was hanging in Los Angeles where he painted a mural based on his print for the "Pow Wow 2014 Featured Artist Series" and exhibition at 1xRUN. Entitled "Beauty Is More Than Skin Deep," the piece features a wolf, a woman, a glow-in-the-dark skull, and various "comic elements," each layered on top of one another in a process called "overprinting." 

"I wanted to experiment with a few new techniques on this wall and see if by using transparent paint layers I could achieve the same effects that we achieved with the screen printing process," the artist said. He used a reference to draw the animal and human faces and incorporated a collage comic images throughout. The overprinting of images by hand is something that Meggs says you have to see in person to fully appreciate, and you can by heading to 6th and Mateo in Los Angeles or grabbing one of the screenprints while they last here at 1xRUN. There is also a great interview with the artist at the 1xRUN link in which he talks about his process and the recurring themes in his current body of work.

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