Though Swoon's mural on the Bowery Wall was a perfect commemoration of those affected by Hurricane Sandy a year after the disaster, her wheat-paste creation was recently buffed in preparation for the next mural to go up. The latest artist who has been commissioned to take over the famous wall is Brooklyn-based muralist Maya Hayuk, recognized for her fluorescent-colored, geometric paintings. This makes Hayuk the third female artist to paint the Bowery Wall after Swoon and Aiko Nakagawa in 2012. 

So far, Hayuk has painted the wall turquoise and streaked the surface with symmetrical, crisscrossing lines of shocking pink, blue, and other bold colors—a palette and composition reminiscent of the artist's other works, too.

Like her other murals and paintings, Hayuk's current work in progress conjures up otherworldly images of outer space and mandalas and is intricately woven with lines that resemble traditional Ukrainian needlework. Despite the mystic quality of her Bowery Wall mural, Hayuk has gracefully merged her psychedelic imagery with the iconic street art location's gritty surroundings.

Since Hayuk's been working on the mural since last weekend, it should only be a matter of time before we see the completed project.

UPDATE: Maya Hayuk has just completed her trance-inducing mural for the Bowery Wall. While the rest of New York kept off the city streets and stayed indoors, Hayuk braced the cold air to work on her colorful mural. Click through to view more images of the finished project.

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[via AnimalNewYork]