Last week, Kokon to Zai and Been Trill live streamed a photo shoot for a collaboration they had in the works. It was literally out of nowhere. Not many knew about the collaboration, let alone the shoot. Now, the wait is finally over because the two brands have revealed what they've been up to. 

There's nothing subtle about this collection. All items use some combination of patches, hashtags, and skulls, and some are even made in materials like mesh. The weirdest of them all is a black mask printed with the face of a Tibetan Monster that was probably inspired by a 1000-year-old ancient monastery. The rest of the lineup includes bomber jackets, shorts, and an apron tee. It's all sorts of strange that only KTZ and Been Trill could fuse together so well. 

All items are available for pre-order on the SHOWstudio shop right now. 

[via SHOWstudio]