For S/S 14, New York City-based Isaora has shifted their business model to now be strictly direct-to-customer. That means you will no longer be able to buy their product in 3rd party stores. This might seem shitty at first, but it also means that their clothes are now more affordable because the label can pocket 100% of the profits from each sale. In summation, the ill tech poopy butt sweats and leather-detailed bomber you see here are what one might call "sensible buys," and we all know how much your girlfriend loves sensible buys. Remember how stoked she was when you spent your money on a household appliance and NOT new sneakers? No? Me Neither. I'm not saying drop crotches and shirts with MA-1 sleeve pockets are as levelheaded as, say, a new blender, but I just hooked you up with the airtight "but, babe, it's direct-to-customer, thus more affordable now" excuse you can use to lawyer her ass.