Paige Powell recently opened an exhibition at Suzanne Geiss of personal photos taken during her relationship with Jean-Michel Basquiat. Not to be outdone, Alexis Adler (another ex-girlfriend) will present a collection of unseen works by the artist, saved from the apartment they shared in the East Village from 1979 to 1980.

Adler says that the then 19-year-old artist could not afford to buy canvas, so he drew and painted in notebooks and on just about anything else he could get his hands on in the apartment, including doors, paper, sweatshirts, and the radiator. "Jean was just a young and wonderful person that had a lot to say," she writes. "Everything around us was about art at that time, everything was about creativity, and whatever he could find became art." Adler has chosen to share the works after 35 years because she says that "today young people are willing to learn more about Jean and are really interested in his art.  I'm really excited to be able to have the show at Christie’s, as well as pass on, and share the artwork with other people so they can enjoy it."

The exhibition opens on March 1 at Rockefeller Center, with an online sale running from March 3 through March 17, and the First Open Sale scheduled for March 6. For more information on this and other upcoming Christie's auctions, check out their online calendar

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