An artist by the name of Dizzuane caught the eye of everyone's favorite #LuxuryExcellence lifestyle ambassador Brandon Sales with his latest work. The artist, who actually has some dope custom-painted kicks available on his Big Cartel site, captured the gawd with a dripping red background that conveys a scene of B. Sales lounging luxuriously on a flight of hand-chiseled rare Calacatta marble stairs, probably leading up to a palace constructed of solid bricks of cocaine and held together with Yeezy II laces.

But this brings up a notion that art historians, critics, and artists ever since the Chauvet-Pon-d'Arc cave paintings were first created have struggled with. The illustration does a great job of re-contextualizing a scene of such pure luxed out flexing that most mortals would shit any non-Hermès pants they'd dare to rock while engaging with B. Sales.

However, can an artist actually ever capture such magnificent and prodigious swagger, or will it always be a palimpsest of what the subject actually is? Does the freezing of this one moment truly capture the swagger that exists in the plane of reality that only B. Sales and a few other lords reside upon? B. Sales gave it his blessing, so that's more than any of us, reader included, has ever done.