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FUCK, WINTER ISN’T EVEN OVER AND WE GOT LOOKBOOKS FOR NEXT WINTER ON DECK. God, I love fashion. This particular lookbook is for Woolrich John Rich & Bros. Where do you guys think they found that giant ass rock to shoot in front of? This is a photogenic fucking rock if there ever was one. Shouts to the location scout. I bet this rock was situated really sprezzy-like, all up in the Italian countryside and shit. Damn, even the boulders are doper in Italy. If I were on a whimsical hike I would totally make my girlfriend take a photo of me in front of it showing off my rare hiking outfit. But then I’d totally refuse to take a selfie together because that shit is tacky. Then she’d make a remark about how I dress like a G.I. Joe for every outing. Pro tip: Whenever your girlfriend says "nerdy" just replace it with "cool" in your head.