If your favorite rapper could be immortalized into a cartoon character, hope that it's depicted by artist Todd James REAS.

It just so happens that one of the top 10 rappers of all time from the '90s linked up with James circa the Muddy Waters album in 1996. James designed the baby character in a stroller who was first seen keeping it G by wielding a shovel, puffing a J, and rocking a skully over his eyes. The image was printed on the vinyl sleeves of Muddy Waters and continued to be a logo on future releases. 

The little stinker's fun didn't stop there, because he quickly grew up to wreak more havoc than Peanut from New Jersey Drive. Def Jam commissioned Todd James to illustrate Redman's video game-styled mascot—from the cover of Doc's Da Name 2000—for the album packaging of Malpractice. Red's mascot got dirty with some ladies who stunted harder than Hollywood's Original Entertainers (see Thirstin Howl III's "I Still Live With My Moms"), smoked with Billy Clinton, and even packed more guns than the Somali Pirates from James' future paintings. 

Although these images were more inspired by the raw and comedic elements of Redman's music, we were never formally introduced to cartoons of Red's alter egos—Dr. Travis or even Uncle Quilly. Maybe it's high time to go back to the drawing board, where it all began, with Def Jam's creative director Cey Adams. Check out these six illustrations from 2001.

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