According to Vulture, the exact location of Jay Z's "stash spot" was 10B 560 State Street. Back in November, a condo on the second floor sold for $869K, but telling your friends you live eight floors under where Jay stayed isn't as impressive as being able to say that you bought the apartment next door. Apartment 10C is currently up for grabs for around the same price according to Highsnobiety, and while it is definitely nicer than it was in Hov's day, we've seen bigger kitchens in $39/night motel rooms.

There are two bedrooms, hardwood floors, and what looks like a substantial amount of space, but really the bragging rights are the only exciting part about this listing for us. Telling a girl that Beyonce's husband/Blue Ivy's dad used to live on the other side of the wall is bound to get you laid two times out of ten, which is 20% more of a chance than you have right now.

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[via Highsnobiety]